Your role will be a supporting one in Customer Service and Communications which will cater to our affiliate and advertiser partners on the enquiries they have in regards to our service.

Because this role pertains to customer happiness, people need to know we're available whenever they need us, so you'll be replying partners and resolving issue they are facing on a daily basis.

Your responsibilities:

  • Be the first and last point of contact of all customer tickets and inquiries
  • Champion customer experience with the Involve platform, including issue resolution by working with each department head or team lead
  • Create knowledge base content for each new issue found / solved for easier future resolution
  • Set up and improve Zendesk workflows and processes
  • Identify areas of improvements and work alongside cross-functional teams to implement and execute the improvements needed
  • Quality assurance tasks in determining customers’ eligibility for Involve products such as Express Withdrawal and Property approvals

Qualities we're looking for:

  • Great communication skills - having good people skills is non-negotiable
  • Manage and monitor interactions on Zendesk and respond in a timely manner
  • Demonstrate the desire and initiative to learn and understand our products including its technical information
  • You must be familiar with the online landscape so you can provide technical solutions and use digital tools to the best of your ability