As our HR Senior Executive, you will assist the HR team in maintaining the HR and Recruitment processes. You will be responsible for maintaining HR procedures. You are also responsible for managing HRIS and other HR related software’s workload in ensuring that data Management are met, and work is efficient and accurate.

HR Senior Executive job description should contain the following duties and responsibilities:

1) Develop and implement company’s policies by:

  • Participating in salary survey as and when necessary to maintain competitiveness to related industry and location.
  • Implementing effective and timely compensation and benefits package as well as other services such as Cafeteria and Transport services.
  • Renewing, updating, and developing new related policies
  • Conducting Employee Handbook briefing to newly hired Exempt and Non Exempt employees

2) Plan and implement Effective Communication by:

  • Coordinating communication channels and programs that promote two way feedback
  • Conducting disciplinary action on employees who violates the rules and regulations of the company
  • Providing counseling and advisory assistance to individual personnel to solve social, emotional, work related or human relations problem which may be preventing the employees from working at full efficiency

3) Plan and implement Employee’s Activities by:

  • Organizing recreational activities and celebration programs

4) General

  • Assist with documenting the internal recruitment process flow and procedures
  • Data entry of new hire information in the human resources information system

5) Compliance Reporting

  • Prepare and/or complete various mandated reports such as the KPI, Daily Absenteeism, Monthly Report, Weekly New Hire Tracker, etc
  • Maintain and update as needed statistical information on IA's diversity make-up for internal use and reporting requirements
  • Prepare monthly basis reports on visa reconciliation

6) Knowledge Management

  • Place key documents on the Server, including policies, templates, forms, contact lists, etc
  • Maintain the e-filing system of shared network drives: saving all relevant information to the designated location
  • Facilitate and/or participate in learning communities and task forces
  • Respond to information requests from colleagues and the field in a timely manner
  • Performs all work safely and maintains a safe working environment
  • Performs other duties as assigned

7) Visa Processing

  • Responsible for processing and carrying out all transactions related to visas and liaising with various Government Departments (Ministry of Human Resources -(MOHR) & Immigration)
  • Process all types of visas including Employment Visas, Special Passes, Dependent Passes, Professional Visit Passes, Long Term Social Visit Passes, etc.
  • Assist the Government Relations Officer for Immigration related tasks
  • Submit relevant documents periodically to the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) / Immigration with regards to cancelled / absconding employees
  • Ensure that forms and formats for all transactions are correct and complete prior to submission
  • Provide a weekly running Update Report for all IA staff who have visas

8) Others Task

  • ESOS - preparing ESOS new agreement letter and reminder letter, updating the ESOS status for entitled staff
  • Assist in yearly performance appraisal/staff confirmation/resignation
  • Maintain the latest master list / Organization Chart / Employee Datalist
  • Preparing letters - staff letters (confirmation/acceptance of resignation/Kebenaran bekerja/ authorization letter to any related local authority and etc)
  • Upkeep IA calendar - staff birthday/PH
  • Update Communication – ClickUp
  • Monitor company’s business license, company insurance and other related matters
  • Handle all general maintenance in the office including stationeries, cleaner and monthly staff welfare purchase
  • Any other task assigned by HR Manager / COE / COO

Job Requirement :-

  • Degree in Human Resources Management or Business Administration or equivalent
  • Minimum 3 years similar experience in E-commerce environment
  • Must have sound management abilities and an aptitude for dealing with people
  • Have experience in Employment Act.
  • Proactive problem solver
  • Attention to details

General Conduct:

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues.
  • Act and communicate in a professional manner that supports the ethos of the organization.
  • Promote and develop positive relationships with staff and the wider organization community.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality in relation to all organization information and keep safe and secure all information shared with you during the duties.

Key Skills and Behaviours:

  • Act as a positive role model for others.
  • Communicate openly and effectively at all levels throughout the organization community.
  • Facilitate a positive and motivated team environment with an open forum for communication.
  • Create a culture of “what and how”.
  • Enable smart working and continuous improvements through effective support and leadership.
  • High levels of personal integrity
  • Flexible and positive approach to work
  • Excellent organisational and time-management skills; high attention to detail
  • Adaptable to working in a fast paced ever changing environment
  • Ability to work under pressure and remain calm