We offer basic salary and other benefits. To be successful, you should be willing to learn as much about the company as possible and be able to spot opportunities that have been overlooked by others. We believe that employees, all levels are talented and smart their way!

Job description:

    • Deliver excellent customer service to KOLs
    • Engage KOL and/or their managers through multiple channels of communication (email, WhatsApp, etc)
    • Build and maintain relationship with KOL
    • Guide KOLs on how to utilize Involve Asia dashboard to generate tracking links
    • Assisting in generate tracking links and optimizing performing KOLs
    • Handover top-performing KOLs to Partnerships team.
    • Support ad-hoc requests.
    • Manage a group of interns to help achieve the targets


    • Working closely with Partner development and Partnerships team
    • Attending and participating in meetings (if required)
    • Demonstrate the desire to take initiative and think out of the box and learn about the relevant product information Involve Asia
    • Updating publisher pipeline records.
    • Reviewing performance against targets
    • Identifying potential weaknesses and offering improvement suggestions


    • Able to communicate in English
    • You speak your mother tongue language