Job Responsibilities

  • To lead and manage the Finance team in the production of high-quality financial information for the Group (including departmental reporting), where applicable.
  • To provide high-quality financial and management reports with a focus on written analysis and insights, identifying trends and risk and opportunities - communicating these to the FC/COO on a timely basis for effective decision-making purpose.
  • To develop a robust forecasting and budgeting model (leading the annual budgeting process). To ensure that these systems are monitored for performance measurement and key assumptions discussed/ challenged with the respective Business (“BU”) Heads during the budget. Set monthly meetings to lead discussions on financial planning and performance with the BU Heads and assist to set KPI.
  • To partner with the respective BU Heads to maximize returns and efficient usage of expenditure using financial models and/ or discounted cash flows, where applicable.
  • To support and assist the FC/ COO to consolidate the monthly management reports and quarterly Board of Directors (“BOD”) papers.
  • Recommend continuous improvement for the Group to the COO including but not limited to managing expenses.
  • To deputise the FC (when required), requiring a wide understanding of the Group’s operations and financial management. To support the FC/ COO in meeting the BOD’s objectives and its strategic direction.
  • To manage and develop the team, providing leadership as well as the setting of appropriate objectives. To identify gaps in the knowledge of team members and to put in place training systems and processes.
  • To support the COO on special projects or any other duties from time to time
  • Forecast cash flow positions, borrowing needs and available funds required for investment. Ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operational and capital investment requirements.
  • Maintain a documented system of finance and corporate office policies and procedures.
  • Handle statutory matters i.e. audit/ taxation/ secretarial and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and international financial reporting standards.

Professional Responsibilities

  • To maintain the integrity of the Group’s financial systems, procedures and reports.
  • To maintain professional standards within the Finance teams.
  • To ensure that the Group’s policies and procedures are adhered to.
  • To undertake Continuing Professional Development in line with the relevant job requirement.