Your job is to manage client expectations and deliver results in the form of revenue, retention, and opportunity. You will be in charge of but not limited to:

1. Earnings per advertiser average within the team you’re assigned to

2. Increasing commissions from client according to campaigns, type of partner/channel, and sales season to increase company margins.

3. Monitor the performance of your clients and recommend multiple ways to grow their reach for results.

4. Ensure clients are well educated about the integrated processes of affiliate marketing to foster healthier client-partner working relationship - this is to speed up validation, payments, and any inquiries coming in.

5. Champion client cause by exploring new and untapped opportunities for growth in traffic, types of channels, and more importantly - revenue.

6. Conduct dashboard training as and when required to clients to encourage the dashboard to be a centralised communication and instruction medium between us and clients.

These additional skills will help you:

1. Know how or client marketing strategy for different verticals

2. Have experience in launching, optimising, and sustaining marketing programs

3. Have the finesse to manage communications and expectations in a professional manner

4. Rapport building between us and clients